EXCITE 21-40 - A networking and development group for Watertown’s young professionals
    Our Mission Engage and retain Watertown’s young leaders through personal & professional development opportunities
    Our Purpose
    Through Networking, Outreach, and Personal & Professional Development activities we will connect young professionals to other young professionals, to civic and business leaders, and to the community of Watertown and the unique opportunities it offers. We will support the leadership pipeline of our local businesses and industry by facilitating the growth, development, and retention of young professionals.
    We want to offer Watertown’s emerging leaders a way to thrive in our community by providing an inclusive culture where they can advance their own professional and personal development while making Watertown a better, stronger community. We will provide young professionals a collective voice and offer our community a captive audience of young professionals.
    What We Do
    We host one to two activities per month focused on Outreach, Networking, or Personal & Professional Development, including:
    • Outreach: PACH volunteering, “Welcome to Watertown”, Thursday Night Live, Cookin’ On Kampeska
    • Networking: Lunch & Learns, social hours, events highlighting Watertown attractions
    • Personal & Professional Development: business tours, a seat at the table with local leaders, financial planning, career planning, leadership training
    Why Join EXCITE 21-40
    • Social activities to promote personal and professional networking
    • Community service opportunities
    • Professional development workshops
    2018 EXCITE Leadership
    Kelly Deutsch, Persona – Chair
    Colin Paulsen, City of Watertown – Vice Chair
    Emma Konstant, Konstant Chiropractic – Secretary
    Kristen Henderson, Midwest Ag & Veterinary Service – Social Media
    Noel Solum, EXIT Realty Connection – Outreach
    Trevor Casserly, Joy Ranch – Networking
    Brittany Hanson, Monsanto – Personal and Professional Development
    Geri Timm, Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce
    Keriann Beadnell, Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce
    Katherine Danforth, Watertown Convention & Visitors Bureau
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