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  • Leadership Watertown

    There’s not much difference between effective employees and leaders in any organization.  Leadership Watertown has seen young members of the program grow into Presidents and Vice Presidents of local banks, dozens of local successful business owners, City Council members, State Representatives, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and even a Chief of Police.
    When it comes to employee retention, we all know that an engaged employee is a great asset to any organization and will likely stay with an organization longer and in most cases, become an employee that
    accepts roles of greater importance and responsibility as they grow within a business.

    Leadership Watertown is designed to acquaint program participants with the knowledge necessary to effectively participate in community affairs by exposing them to community structure, problems, resources, people and decision makers that compose a community with a well-founded base of informed leaders.  Course coverage includes: Welcome and Networking Activity, Manufacturing Tours, Healthcare Industry visits, a session with our Mayor & City Leaders, Fun Social Activities, Executive Hot Seat, Public Services Facility Tours and more.

    The eight-session course will begin in April of each year and conclude with a graduation recognition at the Chamber's Annual Celebration.

    Registration will be open soon!



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